Welcome to the Poomelo

What is Poomelo?

Poomelo is an online store where you can find variety Phone Accessories. Such as phone cases, phone cables. We do our best to make your love phone fell better.

We take everyday boring items and – with a bit of magic and extreme imagination – turn them into lifestyle & fashion accessories you’ll be psyched to wear.

What we do:

Keep your smartphone in style with our selection of stylish and textured cases.

Our direction is:

Keep the brand alive, fun and vibrant without feeling too childish. We wanted to make sure we expressed Poomelo's energy, but also mentioned that it was used in fashion, culture and trends.

Customers benefits:

24/7 customer service

Quality control team
Poomelo owns a dedicated QC team with strict quality inspection procedures, therefore customers always get what they want with high standard quality.

Our goal is:

Dive into the world of Poomelo — a world of fashion, chique, and jaw-dropping aesthetics. Whatever your destination, we’ll help you get there in style.

Thank you very much for your interest in poomelo, please feel free to contact our official email: service@poomelo.com